Moti Mahal Delux’s

Mission & Vision

The Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail’s mission is to set up outlets with the least amount of capital expenditure and provide extensive menus and multiple revenue sources while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and quality that customers will buy.

With our growth rate we project ourselves to be more than 200 restaurants worldwide. To be seen as one of the major food players, may it be as fine dining, bar, fast food concepts in the malls, processed food and branded secret spice formulations available in every grocery store or hyper mart. To have a chef training institute in almost every city focusing to bring out the best talent and culinary artist in our country. The goal of the Company is to develop a very wide franchising system for Indian fine dining restaurant to have its presence in entire world.

Being the first franchise system is the only unique franchise system in the world which ensures a steady supply of master chefs to all its franchisee units. These chefs will be personally trained through Mr. Gujral & his corporate chefs in the Moti Mahal Kitchen which not only ensures standardized quality of the dishes but also the control of the quality of purchases in the franchisee kitchen. However much has been explained in the operational manual which assists the franchisee to operate the business smoothly.

Our Franchise Models

From 4 stand-alone to a 100 company owned and franchised restaurants.

Own a Franchise Now
  • To have our outlets throughout’ India, Europe, USA, Middle East, South East and Australia.
  • Increase the number of customers per outlet from a projected 200 to 400 per day!
  • Increase the number of revenue streams from 1-3 in a span of 6 months, the current revenue streams is Outlet Sales;
  • Future programs will be Online Sales to registered and repeated customers that includes Entertainment and Cultural Revenue Streams.
  • Establish efficient Indian food stuff distribution chain throughout its points of presence in these countries.
Our Quest

To provide for our customers ethnic and tasty Indian food as we would enjoy at home in a fiesta and friendly atmosphere in the best of locations in your own city.

Modus Operandi

Once the potential Franchisee confirms interest, Agreements set by Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail are signed. Post signing, a detailed manual containing the Introduction, Menu Samples, Recipes, Cooking Descriptions with Video presentations, assistance for Complete Outlet Layout, Hospitality and Hygiene Standards, Waiter and Cooks, Recruitment Processes, Marketing Materials are provided to the Franchisee.

Great food and attractive stores are not enough to succeed in the food business. It takes great customer service, too. To our Support Center Team, our customers are our franchisees, their employees, and their customers.
Everything we do is aimed at helping franchisees better serve their customers.


We at Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail restaurants train our staff with minutest details so as to make the customer feel like a king and have the best time as much as possible once he sets his foot in our outlets and we make sure he gets more than his money’s worth. In order to ascertain customer satisfaction we have invented various programs such as direct email online facilities, questionnaires, special dedicated PR managers on floor, corporate mangers making surprise visits to outlets, disguised auditors who go unannounced to the outlets and pay and eat their meal, quietly observing all aspects of the restaurant functioning, tastes, reaction of other customers who are seated in the restaurant during that time, observing behavior of the staff etc.

The chef training is the most extensive and long one. Our chefs are never outsourced but are trained in our kitchen from the helper stage. They have to pass all the stages in the kitchen over few years before attaining the head chef positions.