Mission & Vision of MotiMahal Group

Moti Mahal Management Services Pvt Ltd.

MMDMS is a private listed company limited by shares set up in 2003 by Monish Gujral, the grandson of Shri Kundan Lal Gujral and Mr. Sacchin Sarwal.

The company was set up with the objective of expanding the Moti Mahal brand globally into a franchisor-franchisee system. Over the years, the company has shown exponential growth and it has grown from 7 stand-alone restaurants to 100-plus franchised and company-owned restaurants across the world.

The company has successfully launched and is running other brands namely: Kebab Trail, China Trail, Dosa Trail, Chaat Trail, Golden Oven, Lounge By Nite, DNY Bread-bar, Food Truck Trail. The company also manages several hotels and provides an effective F&B solution for the hotel segment. Some of our most successful hotels are based in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Assam, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh.

Additionally, the company has established a successful parallel source of revenue Through the means of a manufacturing and exporting unit for kitchen equipment. Across the World.

Today, Moti Mahal is synonymous with authentic Mughlai Indian food. Moreover, it is a global brand with its footprints in every major city across India, Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA. The brand is also registered and trade-marked in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, GCC countries, Turkey And several more.



1. Our mission is to set up franchise outlets with the least amount of capital expenditure while maintaining exceptional standards of efficiency and quality.

2. We will endeavor to provide our customers ethnic North-Indian food in a traditional and authentic ambience in the best locations of a city.

3. We will strive to manufacture, market, sell and export our signature blend of Moti Mahal’s Spices and Ready To Eat packages and frozen food items.

4. We will venture to set up 5000 franchise outlets worldwide.

5. We aim to manufacture, market, sell and export our signature blend of Moti Mahal’s spices and Ready To Eat packages and frozen food items.

6. We are working to set up a network of cloud kitchens to provide our signature authentic dishes Pan India.

7. We will strive to continue to provide our customers an authentic and high-quality food.

8. We will endeavour to transform into a holistic consultancy service to guide individuals to set up efficient and profitable restaurants.

9. We will strive to imbibe the teachings of our founder Kundan Lal Gujral in our business practices, who provided us the 6 P`s for success- product quality, price, promotion, place, personalized service and the most important People (customers).


We envision ourselves to transform into the world’s largest Indian restaurant franchise and F&B consultancy service and aim to imprint our signature in Fine dining restaurant systems, Fast food concepts for malls, and Hyper market and grocery stores to sell our secret branded spice formulations and processed Ready-to-eat food packages.

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