An address from Monish Gujral - Chairman & Owner of Motimahal

Monish Lal Gujral is the custodian of the Motimahal global chain of restaurants and the Managing Director of MotiMahal Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Monish is credited with the trailblazing turn-around of Moti Mahal, from being a small but iconic presence in Delhi, to becoming a multi-national corporation that is well on its way to defining how the world eats Indian food. Mark Manuel (Editor Bombay Times) noted journalist says Mark Manuel Editor Bombay times (2009) Wrote “Monish Gujral is one of modern India’s success stories. In my book he is to Delhi and to rest of India what Rahul Akerkar and Moshe shek are to Bombay : a restaurateur –chef who can cook everything on the menu of his popular chain of Motimahal restaurants , a businessman, a food writer and a gourmet . I know him as a restaurateur and a friend : and , I cannot as yet decide whether I like his food better or his friendship .Probably his friendship, because Motimahal food- its butter chicken, Mata ki daal , roti and kulfi , I can get in 72 cities around India : but not Monish`s genuinely hearty and delightful company .For that , I have to wait till he visits Mumbai”

Monish Gujral – Owner of Motimahal

He has launched Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail restaurant concept as a tribute to his Legendary Grand Father Shri. Kundan Lal Gujral which he has expanded into a global chain. Monish has devoted his life to building upon the legacy left to him by his grandfather.

In the words of Noted Journalist and food critic , Vir Sanghvi “ To Monish`s credit , he has done a magnificent job of keeping Kundan Lal Gujral`s memory alive . His Motimahal chain builds on the original Motimahal`s menu while moving subtly with times and offering meals in locations that are better appointed than the Motimahal in Delhi’s Daryaganj”Vir further adds “ in recent years , Monish has become a missionary for the Motimahal legacy , demonstrating his dishes all over the world and launching a successful range of packaged foods based on the original Motimahal recipes.

In this hi-tech world of twenty first century, there is something reassuring and refreshing about a man taking his grandfather’s legacy to every corner if the world because he knows that Motimahal is in his blood and great food is his destiny”

He has taken the brand to unimaginable heights through his own personal efforts, talents and commitment. Monish is responsible for enhancing Moti Mahal’s public profile at events and speaking engagements. Monish is one of the country’s foremost food-writers and is a columnist with India’s leading newspapers – The Sunday Standard(Food Bytes Column), The Hindustan Times (Food Wise) and The Hindu (Food Trendz). Currently, he is a food columnist with New Indian Express(The Sunday Standard). 

Monish Gujral was invited by Le Cordon Bleu Paris to teach Indian Culinary art to the students there , making him the first Indian ever to be invited by the legendary culinary institute. Monish Lal Gujral C.M.D of Moti Mahal Global Chain of Restaurants The Visionary Custodian of The Brand Building upon the Legacy Monish is the author of 4 internationally acclaimed, Gourmand Award winning cookbooks: Moti Mahal’s Tandoori Trail, 2005; On The Butter Chicken Trail, 2009; On the Kebab Trail, 2013; On The Dessert Trail, 2017. Currently, he is commissioned to work on his 5th book, on his trail series, by Penguin India. Moti Mahal’s Tandoori Trail The Butter Chicken Trail On the Kebab Trail On The Dessert Trail Moti Mahal’s Tandoori Trail book went on to top the best-seller lists in the Cookery genre for 4 consecutive years in several countries. 

In 2004 , it was a finalist for the 10th Gourmand’s World Cookbook Awards , and in 2007, it was voted Best Book at the Indian Curry Festival in London. On the Butter chicken Trail received the Gourmand Best Easy recipe book in the world award for his book for 2009-10; It was also awarded the Best of the Best In 25 Years Award in the world in 2015 by Gourmand at the World CookBook fair held in Frankfurt. On the Kebab Trail Book received the Gourmand’s Best CookBook In the World award in 2013 in the foreign recipe category at the World CookBook fair held in China. On the Desert Trail received the Gourmand’s One of The Best CookBook In the World Award in the dessert/pastry recipe category in 2017 at the World CookBook fair held in China; On the Dessert Trail Book has been awarded.He had finished writing his 5th book of Trail series on international cuisine and is being published by Penguin India.

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