Best Foreign Recipe Cookbook in the World- On the Kebab Trail

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A proud moment for India and the author of the cook book, Monish Gujral, whose book”on the kebab trail” has been awarded the Gourmand Cook Books Award for the best foreign cuisine cook book in the world. The book competed among 187 countries in the world to win the title.


Mr Edouard Cointreau, the chairman of the Gourmand world cook book awards, at the ceremony which was held in Beijing China on May 20th 2014, congratulated Mr Monish Gujral for writing this extraordinary book which show cases the global kebabs. Gujral said ” that this book was special to him as it took him all around the world in search of these international kebab recipes and which enabled him to meet great and people chefs while researching for the book”

beijin award Gourmand 2014On the Kebab Trail was pre-launched at the Paris Cookbook Fair. On the Kebab Trail, is ‘the story of a man who set out on a culinary adventure and changed the face of Indian cooking. The book has Turkish clay-pot kebabs, Kashmiri Tabak Mas and Arabian hamburgers. And here are the definitive recipes of all the classic Indian kebabs—kakori, pasanda, boti, gilafi and fish kebabs. The book also caters to vegetarians as well, including vegetarian kebabs, and recipes for chutneys and breads.

“I have successfully shattered the misconception that ‘good’ kebabs can only be mutton, chicken or seafood. Being a vegetarian, I can vouch for the fact that the book has some great options like Asparagus Kebabs, a contemporary recipe I demonstrated at a fusion cooking show in Germany, the Red Kidney Bean Kebab that is loved by children because of their fixation with rajma, Bottle Gourd Kebab which I like eating when I am in the mood for a light meal and Arbi Kebab which is one of my favourites. Then there is Corn Kebab which is my daughter Tanisha’s favourite, Rice and Corn Kebabs that is one of the easiest to make, Jackfruit Kebab which again is very popular at home, Lotus Stem Kebabs that has received rave reviews, and Sesame Potato Kebabs that is ordered often and a lot more,” he says.

Definitely a collector’s item, this book is a potpourri of delectable flavours making it the ultimate indulgence for all Kebab lovers.

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