Liven up your spirits and freshen up your taste buds with our freshly squeezed fruit,berry and vegetable juices . Also enjoy unique smoothie blends topped with various seeds and spices. Enjoy healthy protein shakes, variety of lassi’s. Savour our old world burgers and flavoured Banta lemonade.

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by Moti Mahal® of India A fine dine concept by Moti Mahal®

Elevate your customers’ well-being with our revitalizing franchise for restaurant opportunity! We offer a wide array of freshly squeezed fruit, berry, and vegetable juices that will invigorate their spirits and awaken their taste buds. Our menu also includes delicious smoothies and protein shakes, along with healthy snacks and desserts to satisfy their cravings guilt-free.

As a food court or high street kiosk model, our franchise is perfect for on-the-go customers who seek healthy and refreshing options. With our carefully curated menu and emphasis on using fresh and wholesome ingredients, you can provide your community with a nourishing and satisfying experience.

Join us in promoting a healthy lifestyle and offering a range of delicious and nutritious options to your customers. Don’t miss the chance to be part of our franchise and make a positive impact on your community’s well-being!

Kiosk Model

Ideal area recommended by our franchise experts would be 300 to 500 sq.ft.


Recommended Staff for this franchise model would be 3 to 5 pax.


Suitable locations for this franchise include Malls, Multiplexes & Busy Market places.

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