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Moti Mahal Delux’s Ready to Eat Products

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MotiMahal Delux has launched its range of Ready to Eat Products with 5 variants. The Global Brand has made a mark in the culinary industry with its finger licking invention, the Butter Chicken. They are also known to give the world the first ever smoky Tandoori flavors.

MotiMahal’s Ready to Eat Range is Mughlai Cuisine made easy and are available in 5 different delicacies. The instant platter includes evergreen favorites like Dal, Butter Gravy, Vegetable Biryani and Pindi Chana – four popular traditional non-meat dishes in demand at Indian homes across the world.

Motimahal`s Founder Kundan LAL Gujral has been credited for inventing the Tandoori Chicken , Dal Makhani and The Butter chicken and placing India on the world culinary map. Now the legacy continues as the brand is headed by his grandson, the MD of the chain, Monish Gujral, who has refurbished the name MotiMahal and given it a contemporary and old meets new charm, preserving its rich history.

The Ready to Eat range is devoid of any harmful preservatives and is made using a unique food processing technology of treating the food to a very high temperature under extreme high pressure. Technology developed by DFRL/DRDO. This ensures 12 months of shelf life for these scrumptuous products. They are 100% vegetarian and are easy, quick and tasty, as simple as heat and eat!

MotiMahal has also launched its Ready to Eat Website. Sharing essential details about thee produts and how easy they are to make. “Our RTE range offers hygienically prepared food that uses the best quality ingredients in a state-of-the art processing plant” said Mr. Monish Gujral, CMD Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail. “We are sure that our Ready To Eat products would be a huge success as extensive market and consumer research was undertaken prior to the launch to ensure that we have the right product at the right price point” he added. Women today, have very little time to involve in regular household chores like cooking. This factor is predominantly driving the growth of convenience foods such as RTE in India. With the increasing involvement of women in India’s labour force the Indian RTE foods market size is poised to double by 2014.

MotiMahal’s fine cuisine is now just a “Heat & Eat” away, catering to even those Butter Chicken and Mughai lovers who have very little time on their hands to cook a sumptuous meal, MotiMahal has definitely made Mughlai Cuisine Easy.

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