Motimahal Franchise

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“101 years of success , consistency and quality is what Motimahal stands for “Monish Gujral -Chairman Motimahal (

India’s most famous Restaurant and fore runner of Tandoori cuisine  Moti Mahal  was Established in 1920,and motimahal Delux was launched by the Kindan Lal Gujral`s Son Mr Nand Lal Gujral in 1973 .  Now  having pan India in the name and style Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail(  launched by Mr Monish Gujral , the  Grandson  of the Founder of the chain and of course now   International operations  Serving its signature  menu along with banqueting facilities , with a very modern and plush interiors and  our traditional warm hospitality  -making  the dining experience  and celebrations unforgettable .The brand has also launched regional cuisine restaurants such as Motimahal Delux – Dosa Trail , Chaat Trail, China Trail in Vadodara at the locations mentioned above

 Moti Mahal`s  greatest claim to fame, that  its founder Kundan Lal Gujral, invented the two staples of Indian cuisine, the fact is that these dishes, along with the Dal Makhani , shahi Panir, tandoori aloo. Panir tikka and subz kebab  make up the signature dish triumvirate at the Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail  restaurants and its franchise operations now present Pan India and abroad

 Most foodies are willing to concede, that the urban version of Tandoori , that has conquered taste buds worldwide emerged from Kundan Lal’s restaurant kitchen. Granted, the Tandoori style of baking breads and meat in clay ovens was a staple in Punjabi and Frontier cuisine. But it took Kundan Lal’s genius to fine tune it to the bustle and tumble of a restaurant kitchen, where orders flew thick and fast and cooks didn’t have the luxury of time on their side.

With that, the Tandoori trail which began in Gora Bazaar in Peshawar meandered into opening of the restaurant in old Delhi in 1947 following partition . In 1970`s Kundan lal  ventured in to South Delhi to open doors of Moti Mahal Delux which now  is an institution in  itself .

Among his clients were also members of a burgeoning bureaucracy of the newly independent country and legendary leaders. One of the most treasured Moti Mahal memorabilia, according to Kundan Lal’s grandson
 Monish Gujral  are the photographs taken with India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharalal Nehru and later with Indira Gandhi. So impressed was Nehru with Kundan  Lal’s dishes that Moti Mahal became a permanent fixture in all his state banquets. 

“Former American president Richard Nixon, the King of Nepal, Russian VIP’s Nikolai Bulganin and Nikita Khruschev”, everyone loved our food, said Monish and added “In fact, when the Shah of Iran came on a state visit to India, the Indian Education Minister Maulana Azad told him, that coming to Delhi without eating at Moti Mahal was like going to Agra and not seeing the Taj Mahal”. In fact, so impressed was Khrushchev with Moti Mahal food that he invited Kundan Lal to have a stall at an international trade fair in Moscow.

Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail is  a tribute to the founder of the chain Shri Kundan Lal Gujral and is one of the few restaurants which has its official cook book published by Roli books released by minister for Law and Justice, Industry and on 18th April 2004. The book contains famous Moti Mahal recipes, some of the rare photos in B&W of the famous people who visited therestaurant.

  Monish Gujral`s  book published by the penguin India “On the butter chicken Trail – The motimahal Cook Book” was released in April 2009 ,only to be awarded the best cook book in the world by Gourmand International in Paris.

Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail also boasts off, of having its own music. The first volume of Music Album called the Moti Mahal Qwalli Trail, produced by T-Series was released by Hon`ble minister for tourism Smt. Renuka Choudhuri in 2004.

Since the very beginning Motimahal has been committed  to   quality and   consistency with a promise of even greater customer experience .In 2019 Motimahal Delux Tandoori trail restaurant was awarded the Icon of the industry award by the times of India group .

You will enjoy warm hospitality along with lovingly prepared legendary dishes at Moti Mahal Delux  Tandoori  trail , kebab trail , Biryani Trail, China trail, chaat trail and Dosa trail ,Wraps N Roll, DNY Bread Bar, Freshly`s , Lounge by nite at our various locations9

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