The Legend, The Man and The Punjabi-Pathan: Kundan Lal Gujral

This is the story of a man who set out on a culinary adventure and changed the face of Indian Cooking. This is the story of a man and a recipe that revolutionized the Indian taste for succulence and spice in its food. This is the story of a man who made a butter filled delight, bringing ordinary chicken a special flavor. A man who turned the plebian village tandoor in Peshawar for baking into a royal model for his innovation: The Tandoori Chicken.

Then came the Butter Chicken. The result was a revolution in taste, a change in Indian eating habits, and a place on the international gourmet map. The man was Kundan Lal Gujral. The restaurant where he housed his innovations was MotiMahal. The two became a legendary mix.

The Iconic MotiMahal in the 21st Century

Monish Gujral is acclaimed for the trailblazing turn-around of MotiMahal, from being a small but iconic presence in Delhi to becoming a Multi-National Corporation, that is well on its way to defining how the world eats and appreciates Indian food and Tandoori Cuisine.

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