Pearl of the Capital

The culinary journey began in 1920, when Kundan Lal Gujral opened the doors of Moti Mahal in Peshawar. Twenty-seven years later, Partition forced him to down shutters of the popular eatery, only to reopen it across the border in Delhi.  And since 1947, the legendary brand has only grown and the Capital has never tired […]

Sagene, Geitmyra Food Culture Center for children

Food unites us. We talk together through cooking and meals, says Monish Gujral as he stirs the large pot of fragrant butter chicken. William Wiland from Sagene gets everything from both words and cooking tricks. Monish Gujral has just been to Stockholm and won the Gourmand prize for the cookbook Pickle Train. On the way […]

Butter Chicken Was Born From Leftover Tandoori Murgh; Here’s The Whole Finger-Licking Story

One of the most popular Indian dishes which has gained recognition worldwide is Butter Chicken. Traditionally called Murgh Makhani, this Indian dish originated in Delhi and is made with simple ingredients like chicken, butter, tomato, chilli pepper, yogurt, garlic and various other kinds of Indian spices. Butter Chicken has gained immense popularity over the years […]

Monish Gujral- owner of Motimahal wins the best cook book title by gourmand

New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS): Did you know that eggs can be pickled, and so can salmon, cucumber, okra (bhindi), tomatoes, brinjal and oranges – to name just a few. Prominent restauranter, author and columnist Monish Gujral, in his new book, ‘On the Pickle Trail – 100 recipes from around the World’ (Penguin/Ebury Press), that has […]

Don’t Miss Moti Mahal Restaurant

We speak to Monish Gujral, a man with traditional training in Indian cuisine who has overseen the transformation of Moti Mahal from a small business serving Tandoori food in Delhi into a multi-national corporation with over 100 franchises worldwide. When did you first start cooking? Did you always want to work in a restaurant? It started in […]