Famous Indian restaurant ‘Moti Mahal’ opens in Maldives

An outlet of the renowned Indian Franchise restaurant Moti Mahal has officially been opened in Maldives. With its exciting tandoori and spice flavors, the Indian-cuisine restaurant was inaugurated on Wednesday night at the first floor of the Rasfannu pavilion by Chief Guest Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Ahmed Mahloof. The ceremony was also […]

Delectable treat: How Delhi’s iconic eateries evolved

Over the past few decades, the frenzied pace at which Delhi has transformed, finds reflection in its food scene. Many millennials have just two demands of an eating joint: that the restaurant is stylish and the liquor is served quickly. In South Delhi, hipper restaurants in Hauz Khas Village still find takers even as a […]

Partition Changed India’s Food Cultures Forever

At the far end of a crammed Daryaganj gulli, bustling with all manner of trade, is a heavy wrought iron gate. Push it ajar and you step into an overgrown garden defining its central courtyard. The Terrace is an old sprawling home that takes you back in time. It’s the last intact kayasth haveli in “Shahar” – “The City” […]

Tandoori Scion on Kebab Trail – From Turkey to India

Succulent morsels of meat marinated with spices and skewer-grilled in hearths or ovens have tantalised the taste buds of food lovers for centuries. These define the cuisine of the frontiers – recalling memories of rugged deserts of Asia and Europe, the march of Islam and large armies cooking meat in open fires. “Kebab”, or the […]

Retaining Legacy Of Taste

The Chinese proverb ‘wealth does not pass three generations’, which means that the first generation builds the business, second take it forward and third blows up all, might sound appropriate for many legacy businesses globally. However, there are exceptions across sectors, including food, that are doubling up the fortunes based on their decade old legacy. […]

Family kitchens: Building a lasting legacy

Shivanna Sadanand first went to the Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR) in Bengaluru 50 years ago, and has been a regular ever since. A lot changed in his life over time: He took a voluntary retirement from being the private secretary to former Congress minister HM Channabasappa, joined his family business of iron and steel; raised, […]

Punjab on a platter

It started with a moment of curiosity. Two years ago, I was invited to speak at a gathering of alumni from Delhi’s Catering College (known within the trade as the Pusa Institute because of its location). As I looked around at the audience, I noticed that everybody who mattered in the hospitality sector seemed to […]

The History of Tandoori Chicken: Infographics

Originally a Punjabi preparation, it is a soft, succulent dry dish made by slow roasting spiced and marinated chicken in a clay oven called tandoor.History-Sounds unbelievable, but historians are said to have found the first evidence of a meat preparation which looked like Tandoori Chicken in the ruins of Harappa. -Tandoor like clay ovens and […]

Tandoori tales


Cooking is like the performing arts. To be a good cook, one must first be an artist. Then, and only then, can you become a chef. Great chefs ‘play’ with their dishes in the same way that an artist ‘plays’ with his canvas – preparing a visual extravaganza for the mind to digest. That explains […]