Best Indian Restaurant & Mughlai Cuisines at Commonwealth Games

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Motimahal restaurants is set to cater world class Indian cuisines to people visiting Delhi and people from all over the world during the Commonwealth Games 2010. Motimahal has also launched new Motimahal cookbook to help foreign visitors make Indian food right at the convenience of their homes.

Great news for foreigners and visitors coming to Delhi during The Commonwealth Games! The Friendly Games is going to be the best sporting event while MotiMahal Restaurants cater you with its scrumptious assortments of original Indian cuisines.
Motimahal Restaurants ranked in the top 5 restaurants in Delhi NCR has surely taken the Indian culinary to the world with over 90 branches in India and abroad.

With the commencement of the Commonwealth Games from October 2010, Delhi will be consumed by tourists from all over the world. Delhi, the capital region of India is also one of the finest hubs of ethnic Indian food. Moti Mahal Restaurants is making special menus and gourmets to best cater Indian as well as outside tourists. Some of the all time favorites of Motimahal include signature butter chicken, Tandoori chicken & paneer lababdar.
It is a great chance for people from outside India to come to the land of spices and taste the true Indian taste at Motimahal Restaurants.
Motimahal is also providing recipes and cookbooks containing the secrets to making finest Indian food at home. Authored by MD Monish Gujral, The Motimahal cookbook was also awarded “Best Cook Book” by Gourmand Awards.

Mr Gujral said, “We get numerous queries regarding how to make a good Indian food at home. I have published the Motimahal Cookbook on butter chicken trail to cater such queries. It contains the A to Z about how to prepare great Indian food right at home anywhere in the world.”
“We are looking forward to cater general public and people from outside India during the Commonwealth Games so that they can spread the taste of Indian cuisines all over the world. With our restaurant outlets all over Delhi NCR and through the MotiMahal Cookbook, we want to take the Indian culinary to a global new echelon” he added.

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