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Independence day Tri colour Biryani festival at Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail

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Inorbit Mall Malad West Mumbai

Independence day Biryani festival, Moti Mahal is an iconic name in modern Indian culinary history. It began in 1920 as a small eatery in Peshawar in undivided India, reopening in Delhi in 1947 following the Partition of the Subcontinent. It’s matchless signature recipes and smoky Frontier flavours soon made it a name synonymous with authentic North Indian cuisine. The restaurant soon acquired landmark status with illustrious visitors – Heads of State, foreign dignitaries and Hollywood stars placing it high on their itineraries when visiting the Capital.

There are only a handful of chefs in the world who may be credited with the creation of a single dish, let alone an entire cuisine. Shri Kundan Lal Gujral who founded Moti Mahal , is that rare chef who conceived, created and gave the world one of its most well-loved cuisines – Tandoori Food.
Today there is a Moti Mahal in every major city across India and the brand is starting to make itself an international presence .

To celebrate the spirit of Independence, Motimahal will showcase Biryanis of India , recipes developed and invented by Motimahal over the past one hundred years.The Festival will start from the 13th of August 2010 to the 31st of August 2010 .there will be 15 biryanis to celebrate 15th August .A special Tri Colour Biryani will be served complimantary to all senior citizens born on and befere 1947 when they order any main course from our menu. The biryanis that will be showcased are as follows:-
Choose from 15 Biryanis to celebrate 15th August

  1. Ghosht Dum Biryani( Aromatic Basmati cooked with tender Mutton pieces cooked dum pukht Style )
  2. Ghosht Shahjahani(Aromatic Basmati cooked with tender mutton dumplings with dry fruits)
  3. Ghosht Hyderabadi Biryani(Aromatic Basmati cooked with traditional hyderabadi style)
  4. Ghosht Motimahal Biryani(Aromatic Basmati cooked with minced mutton and eggs delicatley flavored)
  5. Murg Gushtaba biryani Kahsmiri style(Aromatic Basmati cooked in curd , saffron minced murg dumplings)
  6. murg mumtaz-Aromatic Basmati cooked with tender chicekn pieces marinated with cashew paste and garnished with green peas)
  7. murg lababdar biryani Motimahal special-Aromatic Basmati cooked with special motimahal Lalbdar murg)
  8. murg Navrattan Biryani-Aromatic Basmati cooked with tender chicken pieces , dry fuits and fruit cocktail)
  9. Murg mughlai biryani -Aromatic Basmati cooked with tender pieces pf chicekn cooked with egg , saffron and cream)
  10. Pomfret Biryani-Aromatic Basmati cooked with fresh Pomfret , mildly spices -a tradition favorite)
  11. Mix Sea foood Biryani-Aromatic Basmati cooked with Assorted sea food)
  12. Jheenga Biryani-Aromatic Basmati cooked with shrpms , delicately spiced)
  13. Subz navrattan Biryani-Aromatic Basmati cooked with assorted vegetables , dumpukht style)
  14. Panir Lababdar Biryani-Aromatic Basmati cooked with Special motimahal Panir Lababdar)
  15. subz Coco Biiryani -Aromatic Basmati cooked with Coconut milk and assorted vegetables garnished with grated coconut)
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